Recruiter portal

This is where you manage all your jobs. You are able to publish/unpublish jobs, reject/progress applicants, schedule interviews and lots more.

Your jobs on your website/careers page

Application forms

Our application forms need to strike a balance between gathering all the key information you need whilst not risking losing the applicant by asking too many questions. Recruiters can then choose to add additional questions to a specific job.

You can also request changes to be made to your application form at no extra charge.

Mobile applicants

Our ATS is fully optimised for mobile applicants. They can easily search and view your jobs. When they choose to apply from a mobile or tablet device we can build a specific mobile application form designed to ensure a high completion rate, whilst still gathering the information you need.

Mobile applicants often have a problem attaching a CV, so to combat this our application forms are integrated with the following job boards, meaning they won’t need to attach a CV – TotalJobs, CWJobs, RetailChoice, Caterer, CareerStructure, Reed, Monster & CV Library.

Scheduling interviews

Our ATS allows you to schedule multiple interviews for the same job in an easy 3 step process. This includes interviewers and interviewees being sent confirmation emails with appointments that they can easily add to their calendar (compatible with Outlook/Office365, Apple, Google, Lotus Notes etc).

All interviews are then viewable in the interview calendar in the ATS.

Processing applicants

If you’re a recruiter, processing applicants is the volume part of your job. We have designed a dual window view so you can see an applicant’s application form on the left and their CV on the right. You have all the information easily at hand to make your decision.

We also have specific solutions for clients who do not use CVs and/or those who choose to formally score applicants against set criteria.

Hiring managers

Hiring managers can either have applicant details emailed to them or you can shortlist applicants for hiring managers to login and progress/reject. The level of access you want to provide to hiring managers can be limited based on your requirements.

We can also support clients who have hiring managers working in panels to formally score applicants against set criteria.

Recruitment agencies

The ATS can help you formalise your list of preferred agencies and then control which agencies are working on which of your jobs.

When an agency submits an applicant via the ATS it will be checked to ensure they do not already exist in your system, reducing the possibility of duplication.

New agencies approaching your organisation via sales calls/emails can also be directed to register their interest via your own “Prospective agency registration form”.


Our reports centre provides you with a full suite of reports. This includes reports on source of applicants/interviews/hires, time to interview/hire, cost per applicant/interview/hire and much more.

You can even schedule your preferred reports to be converted to PDF and emailed to you or your colleagues on a regular basis.

Features Roadmap

The above information provides an overview of key features. If you want to see a full list of features, including which are included in each edition, click here.

We have a team of 7 full-time developers working hard to continually improve the product. Every 2 months we release a new set of features, you can see past and future release details on our public roadmap here.

Want to schedule a demo?

A typical demo takes 30-60 minutes and can be performed onsite or via a web meeting. At the end of the demo all your questions will be answered and we’ll provide you and your colleagues with your own trial system to explore.